Introduction: In a world of misinformation, the importance of science and its facts are paramount. Whether it be scientific research discovering a cure for cancer or teachers using the scientific method to give our future leaders critical problem-solving skills, science cannot continue to help propel our world to a better future without public support. The […]

Introduction:  In 1969, the Soviet Red Army occupied Prague, ending Czechoslovakian hopes of consolidating the liberal reforms achieved during the Prague Spring. In response to Soviet oppression and normalization, Jan Palach set himself ablaze in Wenceslas Square. His self-immolation did not reinvigorate protests, as he had hoped, and Prague would remain under communist rule and […]

According to twenty-year-old university student and anti-war activist, Meek Mizoi, “Japan hasn’t killed anyone overseas and no Japanese have been killed in war” (McCurry) over the last 70 years. As a key ally of the United States during the Cold War, this is an incredible feat. Japan does maintain a defense force but remains prohibited […]

For a generation unmoved by the revelation the government monitors our every online interaction, the warnings against unheeded technological advancement in past dystopias fall flat. Young adults fantasize about the possibility of self-driving cars, not the threat of a communist scanning the horizon with a satellite. The atomic threat has faded into the deep crevices […]

This report is a result of a credited Honors Research Project. Introduction: The exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union and the Mediterranean refugee crisis both pose substantial threats to the integrity of the European Union. Yet, the most formidable threat, of all the prominent internal and external challenges to European integration, lies […]

The term “robot”, ubiquitous today, exploded onto the European theater in 1921, creating an undying trope. Coined by Czech playwright Karel Čapek, the term first appeared in Rossum’s Universal Robots (R.U.R) and would later be introduced into thirty languages as the play gained popularity throughout post-war Europe. As a journalist holding a degree in philosophy, […]

Ozu’s camera always remains motionless in his film Floating Weeds from 1959. The camera acts as a passive observer – its angle stimulating an individual sitting in the traditional seiza-style. Much like his camera, Ozu was a traditional and passive observer to the immense changes undergoing Japanese society following the accession of Japan’s first independent […]

The year 1968 saw the publication of Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “Welcome to the Monkey House” and a world well within the clutches of the Cold War. Vonnegut’s malthusian construction found a public preoccupied with the prospect of nuclear annihilation — a far cry from an Earth struggling under the pressure of 17 billion human […]

I stepped off my flight into the hundred degree weather of an Arizona night; in exactly 14 hours, I had to fly back to the east coast (after spending a week in New York City) and across an ocean to Prague. Rushed packing, little sleep, and a canceled connecting flight did not keep me from […]

I took this picture while filimg a video for a school project and used it as a test edit on the VSCO app for my phone. I really liked the results so I thought I would share it. I will definitely be playing around with editing more soon!