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Contemporary Literary Dystopias as a Reaction to Post-Modern Existentialism

For a generation unmoved by the revelation the government monitors our every online interaction, the warnings against unheeded technological advancement in past dystopias fall flat. Young adults fantasize about the possibility of self-driving cars, not the threat of a communist scanning the horizon with a satellite. The atomic threat has faded into the deep crevices […]

Čapek’s Robots: Inspiration and Reflection

The term “robot”, ubiquitous today, exploded onto the European theater in 1921, creating an undying trope. Coined by Czech playwright Karel Čapek, the term first appeared in Rossum’s Universal Robots (R.U.R) and would later be introduced into thirty languages as the play gained popularity throughout post-war Europe. As a journalist holding a degree in philosophy, […]

Ozu’s Fading Simplicity

Ozu’s camera always remains motionless in his film Floating Weeds from 1959. The camera acts as a passive observer – its angle stimulating an individual sitting in the traditional seiza-style. Much like his camera, Ozu was a traditional and passive observer to the immense changes undergoing Japanese society following the accession of Japan’s first independent […]

Welcome to the Monkey House: Vonnegut’s Allegory of Rape

The year 1968 saw the publication of Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “Welcome to the Monkey House” and a world well within the clutches of the Cold War. Vonnegut’s malthusian construction found a public preoccupied with the prospect of nuclear annihilation — a far cry from an Earth struggling under the pressure of 17 billion human […]

No Damn Cat, No Damn Cradle

In today’s world dominated by science, empirical truth holds an unprecedented amount of value. Facts and figures define our lives. This insurgence of knowledge has led to a divination of truth. Every movie follows the hero’s journey to find themselves and the meaning in all this chaos. Religion seeks to give meaning to our lives […]