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My Two Weeks In Prague and Vienna

I stepped off my flight into the hundred degree weather of an Arizona night; in exactly 14 hours, I had to fly back to the east coast (after spending a week in New York City) and across an ocean to Prague. Rushed packing, little sleep, and a canceled connecting flight did not keep me from […]

Graduation Speech

Thank you everyone for coming out tonight and congratulations to my fellow classmates. It is truly an honor to address you all. I want to start off this speech with a quote from Shakespeare’s Henry V as an ode to Mr. Kleinman’s dream filled second quarter. “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; […]

Under Her Telescope

And the look in her eyes was indescribable, ineffable. Stars danced in her irises as if shooting across a milky chasm of hazel and bronze. Dilated, joy eclipsed those moonlit windows to her soul. I yearned to be able to encapsulate that instant in time, to box it up and save it, and relive that […]