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The Humorist

A few months ago, a man was arrested in Turkey for posting a picture online comparing their president to the Lord of the Ring’s character named Gollum- he faces five years in jail. Why would this harmless joke receive such grand punishment? Alain de Botton contends humor, such as this, does not merely entertain but […]

We Exalt Laziness

We abhor writing rhetorical essays which have helped embellish our acquired Laziness. We intend to transfix our thoughts on the happy man. Only the true happy man benefits the world and the quintessence of this man is neglect.  Neglect doesn’t battle the inevitable fashioning of the cosmos. Writing on this amiable topic has irradiated a […]

Brave New World

The landscape passed by in a blur of green and blue. As my thoughts wandered, cows grazed in fields and gas burned in our engine. The serenity of nature beguiled those silent car rides. My window represented a view into a world unknown which I could fascinate over and create. Yet today, the bliss of […]

Ebb and Flow of Duty

You are perusing the menu of a cafe lining one of Santiago’s many colorful street corners. Without warning, you hear a huge boom. You quickly try to remember if Chile has earthquakes or not but already you can hear the cries of children and observe a stampede running towards you. You look into the distance […]