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A Pair of Stanzas

My words fell on silent ears. My hymns in sorrow’s tears. All alone I stand in the grass, Where the flowers bloom no more.   What the flames, what the fire, What dread night, what dread dire, What the hand doth feed thy mouth, What the fingertips burned and doused?     Advertisements

Thy Kingdom

What greater than a shinning star? What colder than a moon? What doth glorify the sun With all thy Earthly tunes?   Thy Kingdom reigns from sea to sky Yet what purpose does it abide? From death to life from young to old Why survive the hot and cold?   A mind so great it […]


If you run or if you hide, Seek not the valley or the sky. From Heaven’s oceans to forests deep, Where thy souls forever weep, Tranquility is seldom and naught, For solitude cannot be sought.

My Dear

Your lips bright red, Your eyes bright brown, Your hands as cold as ice. Your silky hair in my grasp, Yet you’re still just out of sight. That spark we had went out, The fire would not spread. Our lives to different, far apart, We were not meant for bed. Yet still I wonder deep […]

One Heart

When the fire spreads from tree to tree And the blind man cannot see, Let us not be far apart But come together to form one heart. And when the souls of solitude weep Let us lie together and sleep. From me to you, my love, a rose Grows to caress your soft smooth nose. […]

War and Art

Pity and petty, black and white, A gloomy sky and a stormy night, A tear shed and a paintbrush stroke, Artwork made and history wrote. Solitary on a wall, A gravestone amongst them all. Rich man’s pleasures and poor man’s woes Nothing reaped what all them sowed. Stare up at paint or blood upon them […]