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​Public Support for Scientific Research

Introduction: In a world of misinformation, the importance of science and its facts are paramount. Whether it be scientific research discovering a cure for cancer or teachers using the scientific method to give our future leaders critical problem-solving skills, science cannot continue to help propel our world to a better future without public support. The […]

Comparative Analysis of Elite Consensus and Democratization after the Arab Spring   

Introduction:  In 1969, the Soviet Red Army occupied Prague, ending Czechoslovakian hopes of consolidating the liberal reforms achieved during the Prague Spring. In response to Soviet oppression and normalization, Jan Palach set himself ablaze in Wenceslas Square. His self-immolation did not reinvigorate protests, as he had hoped, and Prague would remain under communist rule and […]

The Modern Anti-War Movement in Japan

According to twenty-year-old university student and anti-war activist, Meek Mizoi, “Japan hasn’t killed anyone overseas and no Japanese have been killed in war” (McCurry) over the last 70 years. As a key ally of the United States during the Cold War, this is an incredible feat. Japan does maintain a defense force but remains prohibited […]

The Refugee Crisis No One Knows About

While the world watches the refugee crisis in Europe or the United States politicizing their borders, a decades long crisis, encompassing hundreds of thousands of innocent people and harboring global ramifications, continues to worsen in Southeast Asia. The world received a glimpse of this complex and systematic crisis when 8,000 Rohingya attempted to flee Myanmar […]

The Wrong Side of History

“I am not proud to be an American today.” Six days after the horrific tragedies in the streets of Paris, the US House of Legislatures passed the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act, or the SAFE Act. Along with the passage of this bill, 31 US governors have closed their borders to the resettlement of […]

The War in Syria Cannot Be Won

The Syrian Civil War began during the 2011 Arab Spring. Civilians took to the streets protesting the violent regime of Bashar al-Assad. The Assad regime responded with horrifically violent crackdowns. Unlike other Arab Spring revolutions the Syrian Army, for the most part, remained loyal to the Assad regime even when faced with orders to deploy […]

Clear and Present Danger

In our society, gun control is often framed as an infringement upon our second amendment right- an attempt to strip us of our scared constitutional liberties. Countless brave men and women have died to defend our rights and so, we as a nation, must stand together, at all costs, to preserve this sacred protection from […]

Mr. Hope and Mr. Change: The State of the Union

A few days ago, President Barack Obama addressed a joint session of Congress for his last foreseeable time. In his seventh and final State of the Union address, POTUS employed an unconventional approach while talking with the American people. Instead of laying out a list of bills and initiatives he will champion his last year […]

FSO Scholarship Entry

Economic, Social, and Political Policy Consequences of the Refugee Crisis in Southeast Asia While the world watches the refugee crisis in Europe or the United States’ political debate on their border, a decades long crisis, encompassing hundreds of thousands of innocent people and harboring systemic ramifications to US interests in the region, continues to worsen […]

Instagram is Changing and Why It is Important to You

You would be hard pressed to find any teenager without an Instagram. So I am sure many of you had a ‘mini freak out’ when you learned Instagram will be changing its feed. Accounts with large followings immediately began to accost their fans to turn on post notifications for their accounts so ‘you won’t miss any […]