A few months ago, a man was arrested in Turkey for posting a picture online comparing their president to the Lord of the Ring’s character named Gollum- he faces five years in jail. Why would this harmless joke receive such grand punishment? Alain de Botton contends humor, such as this, does not merely entertain but […]

We abhor writing rhetorical essays which have helped embellish our acquired Laziness. We intend to transfix our thoughts on the happy man. Only the true happy man benefits the world and the quintessence of this man is neglect.  Neglect doesn’t battle the inevitable fashioning of the cosmos. Writing on this amiable topic has irradiated a […]

The landscape passed by in a blur of green and blue. As my thoughts wandered, cows grazed in fields and gas burned in our engine. The serenity of nature beguiled those silent car rides. My window represented a view into a world unknown which I could fascinate over and create. Yet today, the bliss of […]

While the world watches the refugee crisis in Europe or the United States politicizing their borders, a decades long crisis, encompassing hundreds of thousands of innocent people and harboring global ramifications, continues to worsen in Southeast Asia. The world received a glimpse of this complex and systematic crisis when 8,000 Rohingya attempted to flee Myanmar […]

“I am not proud to be an American today.” Six days after the horrific tragedies in the streets of Paris, the US House of Legislatures passed the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act, or the SAFE Act. Along with the passage of this bill, 31 US governors have closed their borders to the resettlement of […]

The Syrian Civil War began during the 2011 Arab Spring. Civilians took to the streets protesting the violent regime of Bashar al-Assad. The Assad regime responded with horrifically violent crackdowns. Unlike other Arab Spring revolutions the Syrian Army, for the most part, remained loyal to the Assad regime even when faced with orders to deploy […]

In our society, gun control is often framed as an infringement upon our second amendment right- an attempt to strip us of our scared constitutional liberties. Countless brave men and women have died to defend our rights and so, we as a nation, must stand together, at all costs, to preserve this sacred protection from […]

Here is a picture of my friend Josh I took during a performance of Dear Air by KATT (Knights at the Theater- my high school’s production company).

My words fell on silent ears. My hymns in sorrow’s tears. All alone I stand in the grass, Where the flowers bloom no more.   What the flames, what the fire, What dread night, what dread dire, What the hand doth feed thy mouth, What the fingertips burned and doused?    

What greater than a shinning star? What colder than a moon? What doth glorify the sun With all thy Earthly tunes?   Thy Kingdom reigns from sea to sky Yet what purpose does it abide? From death to life from young to old Why survive the hot and cold?   A mind so great it […]